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As with earlier Verizon plans, you can mix and match service depending on what each line of your account needs. There is no end date for when this "limited time offer" might expire, but Angie Klein, Verizon's vice president of marketing, tells CNET that those who take advantage of this promotion and purchase a 5G device today will be able to keep 5G access at no additional charge. While more competitive on price, Verizon still isn't as affordable as some of its rivals.

The basic Start plan doesn't get any hotspot capabilities, whereas the current Go plan offered mobile hotspot but capped speeds at a 3G-like Kbps.

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Verizon knows this. Features like unlimited 4G LTE data, a six-month trial of Apple Music , streaming at p, and unlimited talk and text in the US, Mexico and Canada remain the same on the Start plan, though the unlimited data will be slowed during times of "congestion" on the network such as in a heavily populated area like a stadium or mall.

The differences are tied to their names. It also includes a subscription to Apple Music. Streaming video, however, is limited to p and there is no bundled Apple Music subscription, just a six-month trial.

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We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Up first: Verizon Wireless. Everyone from state and local governments to the wireless provider itself. How can you tell which is which? Some of those are expected; some are not. A Note: Mobile bills, as pieces of paperwork, tend to be sprawling; this sample from Verizon is nine pages long. If any line on the account had gone over its allotment of talk minutes, text messages, or data use, overage fees would also appear here in a quick-to-view grid.

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  • RED numbers 1, 2 are Verizon-originated charges or credits. The data pool is shared among all devices on the plan.

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    Taxes and fees apply. Many large corporate employers provide some similar mobile plan discount as an employee benefit, usually with the wireless provider that the company uses for its own business needs. Not pictured: Any other applicable credits or refunds to your account, for specific service or billing issues, would appear in this general portion of the bill.

    This is not a charge for data usage, nor is it any kind of device payment plan. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any usage. Those charges would appear under a different part of the bill or, more likely, would be charged up front at the point of sale. Device Payment Agreement [number] 4b.

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    Device Payment Agreement [different number] When Verizon changed its billing structure in , they did away with the traditional two-year contract and heavily subsidized phone purchase. In our case, one of the phones being paid off over time is an iPhone 6S and the other is a Samsung Galaxy S6.

    NOTE: While Verizon customers who purchase phones through this installment plan are ultimately paying full-price for their devices, they are also paying lower monthly access fees. Voice This is where Verizon lists charges for voice minutes used. Most of its available new plans include unlimited voice, but some plans still meter minutes. NOTE: Verizon confirms that only grandfathered, legacy plans still have metered talk or text.

    A full breakdown of what numbers each line called or were called by, where those calls originated, when the calls happened, and how long each call lasted appears on subsequent pages of the bill. Most of its available new plans include unlimited texting, but some plans still meter messages. Data This is where Verizon lists how much data each individual line on the account used.