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I turned 35 this month. We are all healthy and our parents and siblings are healthy. Yet a few words and a pinch from my mom and, in a flash, all of my insecurities that go as far back as high school came flooding back. My parents joined my husband and me and my two kids for dinner last night. We had already started eating. I angrily swatted her hand away which caused her to renew her efforts and grab an even bigger chunk of my fat.

I was livid and told her as much. And, in an effort to not make a scene and keep the peace, I let it go and we did end up having an enjoyable dinner.

"Mommy, It's Good" - Parody of "Honey, I'm Good" by Andy Grammer

This is your chance to preserve a favorite family routine or activity at home, or an outing to a meaningful location with your littlest ones! Melissa is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who decided to focus her talents on tinier humans after she became a mom herself.

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Pottery Classes 4. Dance Classes Art Photography Cooking Classes Acting Music Wine Tasting 3.

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  7. Concerts 1. Movies 1. Kids Activities Nightlife Three Options Available. Patrons can enjoy unleashing their inner artist while they paint their own ceramic pieces.

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    Admission for One or Two to "Sip. Participants can express themselves through painting while sipping beverages brought from home. Experienced artists teach participants how to make beautiful, one of a kind, fragrant candles. Stained Glass Workshop. Alternative Sauces Cooking Class in Chicago.

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    We all have experienced how a particular condiment or sauce can transform a good dish into a really great, memorable one. Join us and cook with friends in a hands-on cooking experience of alternatives to traditional sauces. Experience the fresh, clean taste of pestos, relishes, salsas, chutneys and vegetable coulees, all made without high saturated fats.

    Our focus will be on items that can be made quickly at home to complement simply prepared meats, fish and poultry, as well as their use in vegetarian dishes. Photoshop Quick Start Workshop. Introduction to Digital Photography.

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    Wedding Photography. Chicago Winter Watercolor. Four Options Available. Professional glass blowers teach students how to create seasonal items.